We “ASQUA Co., Ltd.” have the concept of “Proposing the moment when everyday life changes to a more Amenity, more Safety, more high Quality, and more Useful space”.

We sell slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water, cleaning materials, daily necessities miscellaneous goods, sanitary goods, pet supplies.
And we have a cleaning service, comprehensive management of buildings and condominiums.
We will continue our efforts to deliver really good products and services from the perspective of customers.

Thank you in the future.

Concept of ASQUA

Company Profile

【Company name】         ASQUA Co., Ltd.

【Date of establishment】      April 27, 2016

【President and CEO】       Shinichi Masaki

【Head office location】       7-3, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

【Tokyo office location】       Bellux-Shinjuku bldg.5F, 23-14, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

【Phone&Fax Number】       +81-3-3359-7811

【Major Banks】
 Mizuho Bank, Ltd. / Yotsuya branch
 Saikyo Shinkin Bank / Head office
 The Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank / Yotsuya branch

【Corporate website】

Main customer

  • Ato’s Gallery Ltd.
  • Bright International Co., Ltd.
    Porsche Center Meguro, Ginza, Koishikawa Certified Used Car Center
  • Excellence International Co., Ltd.
    Porsche Center Aoyama, Setagaya Certified Used Car Center
  • hanwa tokyo Co., Ltd.
  • Hon Mono Japan Inc.
    TV shopping “QVC Japan Inc.” “ABC TV / Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation”
  • KOIKE-YA Inc. / Head office, Kanto factory
  • kokusai motorcars Co., Ltd.
  • Lucky taxi Co., Ltd.
  • Miyazono Group / Miyazono Import Car Sales Co., Ltd.
    Mercedes-Benz Nakano, Nishishinjuku, Musashino, Nishitokyo, each store
  • Pepper Food Service Co., Ltd.
  • Saikyo Shinkin Bank / Head office
  • Shinsetsu Taxi Co., Ltd.
  • TOKANSYUKU / Tokyo Economy Accommodation living hygiene trade association
  • TOKYODO Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Fujikosen Inc.
  • YBS Co., Ltd.
    MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd. Group

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