Cleaning spray only for leather

Outstanding cleaning effects

Ail.wash can remove the dirt and mold of leather products easily. It can be used for most leather goods including leather shoes, bags, sofas, chairs and jackets (including suede).
(Note: Black spots of mold marks coming out of stains and leathers discolored by sunlight can not be removed.)

Skincare and Nutrition supply

The concept of Ail.wash concept is skincare.
It’s the “leather essence” that gives plenty of necessary nourishments for the leather products. With “flexible” and “moist” completion, you can restore the original “feeling” and “texture” of the leather products and make them last longer.

Sterilization, deodorizing and antimicrobial effects

Ail.wash eliminate various bacteria accumulated in leather products and can also be expected to have deodorizing effect. For example,by spraying into leather shoes,the occurrence of odor is suppressed. It also has antimicrobial effects, so it’s clean and safe.

Remove dirts of “leather” as you wash it!

Easy cleaning.
Spray a lot of Ail.wash ail wash, and the leather products can be maintained easily only by wiping it off quickly.
Because it is easy to carry spray, it is the easy cleaning anytime and anywhere.
It not only removes the dirt and mold of the leather products, but also gives plenty of nutrition to leather.

How to use
▶ It Check it before use.

・Please check for color loss in the inconspicuous areas of the leather products to be cleaned.

▶ Spray plenty of Ail.wash on the whole product.

· Spray it from the distance about 10 to 20 cm.
· For bright colored leather, it is recommended that you include an appropriate amount in cloth.

▶ Wipe it off with a cloth.

· Leave it for 10 seconds, then wipe off it with cloth
· In the image of dirt and mold dissolved in water and washed out them.
· After wiping off, the spray is also effective again for nutrition. After that, wipe it off well.

▶ Dry out.

Please dry it out of direct sunlight in a airy place.

■ Ail.wash played four roles.

Ail.wash contains “cleaning ingredients”, “flexible and moisturizing ingredients”, “antimicrobial ingredients” and “protective ingredients”.
At the same time that the cleaning ingredients smashes away the stain, the soft/moisturizing ingredients and the protective ingredients penetrate into the leather to keep the leather tissue soft and moist while protecting the leather tissue. The antimicrobial ingredient is also fixed to the surface to protect the leather from odors and bacteria.
(The following Image used)

■ Mechanism of Ail.wash (image)

Spray plenty of Ail.wash to leather then wash away it.
“Cleaning ingredient” floats the fixed dirt anchored on the leather.
(It is more effective if you leave it for about 10 seconds without spraying and wiping off immediately.)

■ Cleaning, moisturising, antimicrobial and protection effects are completed at the same time.

“Protective ingredients” and “flexible and moisturizing ingredients” penetrate into the leather, protect the leather tissue while providing the leather with moisture then leading to soft and moist completion.
Also, by fixing the “antimicrobial ingredients” on the surface of the leather, it also gives an antimicrobial action to protect it against such as mold combined with the effects of sterilization and deodorization.

■ It can be used for most leather products.

▶ Available materials
【 What can be sprayed 】: general shoes, backs, sofa, car leather seat, jacket, gloves, collars, leather accessories
【 Leather material 】: Front leather (smooth leather), buffed leather (suede, nubuck)
【 Materials of animal hair 】: wool (Mouton), mink, rabbit, fox, sable, squirrel, raccoon classification
▶ Unavailable Material
Reptiles (with scales) leather, degraded leather, degraded synthetic leather, pure white fur, tanned leather

■ All problems of leather product can be solved at home.

When you wash leather products in water, the product value of may be lost, because it will “lose color”, “become tight” or “shrink”. If you don’t wash it, it will have “nasty smell” and become “unclean”. With Ail.wash, it can be cleaned while “preventing discoloration and shrinkage”, and it is finished as “the original feeling and texture as it is”, and it disinfects bacteria accumulated in leather products and is clean You can use it as a leather product for a long time.

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■ There’s also economical concentrate for refilling.

1 bottle of economical concentrate can make about 5 bottles of 300ml sprays.
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