Powerful Disinfection

Super resolution

Ail.water is a solution that can resolve organic compounds extremely effectively; it can decompose not only weak bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but also stubborn ones such as norovirus that cannot be destroyed even with alcohol, but Ail.water can decompose this virus effectively.

Virus Inactivating Test Results

Halal certification

Acquire Halal certification

Nonprofit Organization
Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA)

Ail.water was certified as a halal product from the “NPO Japan Asia Halal Association”.             
NAHA Reference Number : F150312-1
  • Halal means items (things = sound goods · things = actions, languages, activities) allowed by Islamic law.
    What is allowed by Islamic law in everyday life is Halal.
  • Halal products do not use pork or alcohol that said to be dirty by the Islamic law.
    Muslim consumers can use the products after confirming safety.
  • Ail.water that got HALAL certification is sterilization / deodorizing water that anyone can safely use.

Since February 21, 2017 NAHA acquired mutual certification with Halal certification organization Malaysia JAKIM